Camp Maple Leaf is a not-for-profit, sleepover camp for children of Canadian Military Families and children living with unique challenges. CML crams a whole lot of fun, friendship, learning and adventure into six jam-packed days! We offer 12 traditional camp activity areas taking full advantage of our beautiful island site. From Swimming, Canoeing and Fishing to Sports, Arts & Crafts and Camping Skills, we challenge all campers to push their own personal limits. There is rarely a staff member not in costume or a cabin of campers not cheering in the Lodge at our delicious family style meals.

As the sun goes down, evenings define "camp magic" as campers engage in all-camp games, take the stage during our weekly Broadway style show and dress up for our closing-night Banquet. Every night the whole camp ends another “best day ever” by gathering around the campfire in love, support and song.

Camp Maple Leaf is proud of the rich history and tradition of our founding fathers, the Canadian Council of War Veterans who started Camp Maple Leaf in 1955. We honour our Canadian Heroes by raising our flag to "Oh Canada" every morning beside the Veterans Memorial and the lowering of it together every night.

"Thanks for the day campers!"

COVID and Camp Maple Leaf

We are looking forward to welcoming our campers back to Jacob’s Island this summer!  Over the past year of the pandemic we have been working closely with colleagues at the Ontario Camps Association, together with Ontario public health authorities, on a series of stringent Covid-19 protocols that enable us to provide our camp experience carefully and responsibly. We are very confident in the revised safety procedures and new operating systems we will have in place and are very excited to be bringing the magic of camp back to the lives of our campers in 2021.

We are anticipating an official announcement in the coming weeks from the Province, but the meantime we are excited to be busily preparing for our campers arrival.

Please refer to the FAQ section of this website for a brief overview of our revised protocols, intended to keep our island as safe as possible. While some things will happen a little bit differently that usual, our camp will still be the amazing community it always has been – full of fun, friendships and belonging.

For our parents....if you have any questions at all before or during camp about our Covid protocols, we encourage you to call us. We are happy to talk with you directly to answer your questions and share our detailed plans.

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