All About... Why?


All over the world, the Canadian Military establish a "Camp Maple Leaf" in the areas where they are on active duty. The camp is built when the Military is first deployed to the area, and is left behind as a new center for the community to use. During their time on tour, Camp Maple Leaf is a place of safety for the Military to be able to rest, relax, and recoup. Our Camp Maple Leaf summer camp is named after this tradition.

Established in 1955 as a legacy from the Canadian Council of War Veterans, Camp Maple Leaf embodies the same spirit of giving and caring for others that the Veterans carried with them during their years of service. It was originally created as a living memorial, paying tribute to Canadian soldiers who sacrificed their lives for peace. The camp was developed with hard work and without government funding.

In 2015, ownership of Camp Maple Leaf was transferred to Kim and Marilyn Smith (Camp Tanamakoon Charitable Foundation - Registration #870125150RR0001). Mr. Smith’s father Bruce was a WWll Veteran and as a result, he strongly endorses the importance of paying tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for peace. As a result, the Smiths will continue the work of the founding Veterans by supporting military families and breaking down the barriers that may prevent any child from taking part in an experience Kim and Marilyn deem so important, spending time at summer camp. Moving forward, the Smiths will continue to expand on the founding vision by inviting campers with unique needs to experience what Camp Maple Leaf has to offer.

Why Choose Camp?

  • Make Friends
  • Community Living
  • Leadership Skills
  • Take Safe Risks
  • Problem Solving
  • Technology DETOX
  • Fresh Air
  • Exercise
  • Good, Clean, Fun!
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Social Skills
  • Connect with Nature
  • Learn & Improve Camp Skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Part of a Family

Why Choose a Camp for Children With Similar Unique Life Challenges?

Our children are living in a world where they may not be allowed to take personal risks, spend less consistent time with peers and are not as exposed to age appropriate experiences. By sending them to a camp for children with similar unique life challenges you can expect the following outcomes; A supportive social network that they can relate to throughout the year, the realization that they are not alone in the challenges they face, a normalization of their life situations, new coping skills, increased resilience and self esteem.

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