FAQs about COVID and Camp

The experts in COVID-19 safety and camps are the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Camps Association. In addition to the advice and protocols set out by our Camp Medical Team, those organizations are working on some special COVID-19 guidelines that we will be sure to follow.

Parent's Questions

1. Are you offering bussing?
Government regulations will determine if we can bus. At the present time school bussing is determined to be safe. We will update this in early spring.

2. Will Camp happen in 2021?
Camp Maple Leaf is fully committed to operating safely this summer season. We will be governed by the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health and the Ontario Camps Association.

3. What about deposits if we cancel?
We will refund your deposit if you need to cancel for any reason.

Camper's Questions

1. Can we still go to all activities?
We plan to run all of our activities as long as we can do them safely!

2. Can we hang out with other people outside our cabin group?
On our island we are a family. As our number # 1 Goal "Friendships that follow you home" is a top priority ... so is hanging out! What that will look like this summer is too early to say. We may need to 'group-up' in different ways. We will make sure our camp family is safe while achieving our Goal #1 at the same time! We should have a better idea in the spring how that will play out and we will keep you posted!

3. Are we allowed to hug, sit on laps, give piggy backs?
Short answer is, we sure hope so! However, as you know, "Physical distancing" is extremely important at this time. Because Camp is not for a while, COVID-19 safety protocols may change with the possibility of having access to things like rapid testing and vaccines. Fingers crossed!


1) Can you attend more than one year in a row? Yes - It is our philosophy that returning campers continue to grow on their journey to young adulthood. The campers themselves are an incredible peer support system and will continue to be for new campers year after year. We view camp as a life experience

2) Can you attend more than one session per summer? Though we would love you to - we need to make sure as many campers can benefit from our camps as possible. Therefore, we can only accept a child for one session per summer. But don't worry - we pack a whole summer experience into our 5 nights, 6 days!

3) What are the ages of your campers? We accept children turning 7 by December 31st or very mature, independent 6-year olds. Camper may attend all the way to Junior staff age. (See our Leadership Programs page)

4) Can my child with special needs come to Camp? Every effort will be made to accommodate all children. If your child may need more than our 3:1 (Camper/Staff) ratio or require special accommodations please give us a call and we can discuss our camp program and the ability of our staff who work with your child..

5) Is there a registration deadline? We have a registration deadline of June 1st (But don't wait too long as almost all of our sessions had a waitlist last summer.) After the deadline there may still be limited spots available but transportation requests may not be accommodated

6) Do you offer transportation? We offer safe, supervised, super fun transportation from various central locations. (For the military sessions and Kid's of Heroes that would be from most large military bases in Ontario.) We try to accommodate and support as many families as possible.

7) How will my child take their medications? We have a nurse on site that gives out and supervises all children's medications. Medications are given to the nurse when the camper arrives at camp.

8) Can I request a cabinmate for my child? You can request but the "line in the sand" is determined by age/school year and often a cabin may have more than one age due to the randomness of the demographics of the applicants every year. Besides, everyone is best friends with all of their new cabin mates on night #1!

9) Can you accommodate food allergies? Yes! (And we strictly do not allow any nuts on our island)

10) Is Camp Maple Leaf a charity? Yes, Camp Maple Leaf is a registered charity # 870125150RR0001

For Military Families: (Support Our Troops Summer Camp Grant):

a) Do I have to wait to apply to camp until I get my funding in place? No. Please apply first to Camp Maple Leaf and then we will work you through the funding process. The deposit of $155.00 will hold your spot and in the end we will do our best to find funding for every camper.

b) Do you have funding for children not covered by the Support Our Troops Summer Camp Grant? Our camp is not only for the deployed, ill, or injured. We have funding for all military children - whether parents are currently serving or have served. (We were started by Military Veterans in 1955) Our camp is also open to children of Canadian Forces Veterans.

c) Do I need to be deployed to qualify for the Support Our Troops Summer Camp Grant? No, "deployment" can mean an overseas deployment, a course, an exercise or a tasking that has taken place up to a year prior to your child attending camp. It can also be any of the above that will take place while your child is attending summer camp - even if you haven't deployed yet. It could also be an upcoming posting that will involve a major life change for your child.

d) Can my child without special needs qualify? If you have a child with special needs that is funded through Support our Troops; your family is automatically eligible for funding for the maximum of one other sibling.

e) Do families need to pay up front and then get reimbursed for the camp fee?
Aside from the deposit, (155.00 per child) - no. Please speak with our Camp Registrar to discuss details.


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