Why choose Camp Maple Leaf?

Camp Maple Leaf is a Camp specifically designed to be the home for those groups that would benefit from a camp of their own but do not have the numbers, the resources, or the camping expertise to run their own site for the entire summer. For the week you are on our island (As well as the year leading up to it) ... Camp Maple Leaf works in partnership with you to take on your camp's mission, goals, spirit, and identity. We are the "Masters of Adaptation", from our program to our training to the food we serve.

At Camp Maple Leaf, unique groups such as yours are not considered shoulder season tag-ons. Rather, it is our mission to adopt your group as our own. This is why we have sessions available during the prime time summer weeks for you to enjoy year after year. It is our hope that partner camps will see our island as their permanent summer home. Whether you have an existing camp or a group of children that could really use camp, we hope that you will consider Camp Maple your Summer Camp home!

Our Program is custom tailored to you:

  • From Opening Campfire to Closing Banquet we specialize in a six-day session designed to give campers a complete camp experience.
  • Each day of camp is purposely designed to give campers choice in activity (waterfront/land), (active/inactive) as well as time to bond with others in their age group.
  • We believe in “Challenge By Choice” whereby campers are encouraged to take personal risks and push themselves beyond their own limits; however, each child chooses their challenge level.
  • The schedule and program is flexible and allows for change according to the unique needs of each group.

Our Team is your Team:

  • We work together with the leadership of our partner groups as well as the campers and their parents to ensure that we understand and can accommodate the specific needs of each camper.
  • We train our staff on how to be flexible, adaptable and creative so that transitions from one group to another are seamless.
  • Safety is our first priority but our staff training also includes intense instruction on how to adapt traditional camp programs so that every camper can participate at an equally fun and challenging level.

We're in this together from registration to evaluation

  • We will link our website to yours.
  • We are available to attend meet and greets so that your campers, parents and volunteers can get their questions answered and get to know us personally prior to camp.
  • We provide training on all things Camp Maple Leaf for your volunteers.
  • You will be provided with a staff training curriculum and we will incorporate your “unique challenge” training and any other requested components into our staff’s orientation prior to your arrival.
  • Our in house, on-line registration system takes care of the paperwork so that you can focus your time on more important things…like changing lives!
  • We will make all marketing material templates available for you to use.
  • Our Camp Maple Leaf Staff are set up to lead your group without any additional supervision. However, we feel that the campers benefit greatly from some representation of counsellors that share their unique life challenges. We therefore are thrilled to welcome your volunteers that comply with our staff screening.
  • Depending on camper numbers, bus transportation may be arranged from central locations in Southern Ontario. Camp Maple Leaf is located 1 hour and 45 minutes north east of Toronto.
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