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The FLITs (Future Leader In Training) * The LITs (Leader In Training) The FLITs (Future Leader In Training) * The LITs (Leader In Training) * The CITs (Counsellor In Training)

The mission of the Camp Maple Leaf 3 level Leadership program is to have an experiential learning, recreational leadership program like no other. We offer fun, education and experiences for older teens working with children that are living with unique challenges. Whether it is facilitating adaptable programs or coordinating group dynamic games, these future leaders will develop their strengths, take personal risks and learn about themselves. The Leadership Program demands a higher level of responsibility and independence while benefiting from the support and guidance that camp can provide. Volunteer hours will be given out for all volunteered time in each of the three Leadership programs.

There are five goals of the program

  1. To create a sustainable, reliable flow of volunteers and staff by recruiting, training and supporting from an ongoing pool of "our own" dedicated people.
  2. To give campers the opportunity to give back to their camp and the campers it serves
  3. To teach invaluable job skills and life skills.
  4. To create role models for our campers and to see former campers as staff.
  5. To continue to be the leaders (teachers) in adaptable recreational programing.

Three Leadership Levels:

1) The FLITs (Future Leaders in Training)
Open to all regular registered campers who are entering High School or turning 14 in the calendar year.

5 nights 6-day session - Sessions 1 » 9.

  • Voluntarily join the FLIT program on the first night of camp.
  • A full session of camper fun participating in all regular camper activities in addition to taking on more responsibilities around camp. From entertaining the younger campers to helping give out snack or leading games they will have a chance to shine throughout the week, get some leadership experience and be seen as role models.

2) The LITs (Leaders in Training)
Open to those who are age 15 in that calendar year.

Two-week program including weekend

The program includes a 2 night/3-day canoe trip to the remote end of our 104-acre island.

  • LIT training covers everything from child care to leadership skills, to camp skills, to program planning to conflict resolution.
  • You will get the opportunity to shadow, learn and lead at activity areas of interest and with different age groups of campers.
  • LIT's will have a significant presence around camp but will also have a strong LIT identity as a group of their own.

3) CIT (Counsellor in Training)
Open to those who are age 16 in that calendar year.

Four-week program including weekends

  • Apply with an online camper application and then we follow up with a CIT application and a Skype interview.
  • Arrive as a mature camper and graduate as an aspiring staff.
  • The weeks are divided into 4 distinct experiences, each one, a pre-requisite to the next and each one building from the past.
1) Campership: You learn about yourself and leading others through the preparing, planning, and participating in a 3 night/5-day wilderness canoe trip..
2) Apprenticeship: Participate in training sessions taught by a variety of head-staff, directors and guest speakers. Practice what you have learned through exposure to various campers and activities.
3) Internship: Act as interns by job shadowing the activity areas of interest to you as well as assisting the Group Leaders in the various age groups of campers.
4) Fellowship: You are now ready to begin your transition from camper to staff. This session, aside from sleeping in CIT cabins, all CITs will be assuming all the duties of a counsellor under the supervision of staff. As well you will be specializing in an activity area or be a group leader (as your day job). From meals to tucking the campers in at bedtime, you will get a first-hand experience of what being a CML staff member would be like.

Leadership Q&A:

Who can apply for the leadership Programs?
  • Priority to our returning campers and those that are a part of each of our summer session populations.
  • After May 1st, if space allows, the LIT and CIT program will be open to those young adults that are outside our groups yet show tremendous leadership potential.
What is the cost of the programs?
  • The cost for each of our three Leadership Programs (FLIT, LIT, & CIT) is the same as it is for our one-week camp program regardless of its length. This is because, the longer the session, the more opportunity the participant will have to volunteer and give back to the camp. As with all of our programs, we will help families secure the necessary funding so that they are able to attend regardless of their ability to pay.
How many participants are there in each program?
  • For the FLIT program, space is unlimited. There is space for 16 LITs (8 beds in boys and girls) and 16 CITs for each session.
Do you focus on swim qualifications and training?
  • For those who show an interest we will be offering an opportunity to work on swimming skills and qualifications leading to Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and National Lifeguarding Society.
If the program runs through weekends when no camp is in session what will I do?
  • Learn life skills training on days off in between sessions (For LIT and CIT). This could include everything from laundry to leaning how to work a tool kit, to cooking to and interview skills. LITs and CITs will also have some much-needed downtime to relax and prepare for the upcoming session. (For CITs there may be some scheduled off the island time as well.)
Can I receive volunteer hours?
  • Yes. The number of hours you receive depends on the on the length of program and how many hours you volunteer
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