Hello Staff! Camp Maple Leaf an Island Residential Camp for Children Living with Unique Needs's Looking For Some Very Unique People!

Ever dream of working at a camp where you're instantly welcomed by people as individual, un-inhibited, caring, fun-loving, and inclusive as yourself? People who clearly want to work there as much as you do? You can tell this from the way they ask you to join them at the dining hall table or pick up the other half of your duffle after you just met without being asked.

You know they also feel that they have the power to change children's lives in one camp session by creating an environment in which strong, supportive, lasting friendships will be made and self-esteem will skyrocket. They too are honoured that these amazing, inspirational children… each living with unique needs, have given them their trust. A trust to see each of them for who they are and who they can and want to be, rather for the unique needs that they have in common. They know how important they are as role models and like you will stop at nothing to be that person. These staff are smiling because they know that the lives they change will also be their own.

You can't believe there are other young adults with such strong sense of morals and work ethics with virtually no egos. Don't get us wrong… we only hire people who are not-even-close-to-perfect… they can laugh at themselves, are open to feedback, and always keep the campers well- being as their number one priority.

These staff thrive on being physically and mentally tired from too much fresh air, piggy back rides, problem solving and garbage runs! They laugh in the face of mosquitos, get a rush from a well timed emergency drill, and could listen to campers singing "Let It Go" over and over for all eternity!

From the costumes on their backs, the smiles on their faces and the non-stop hold-your-stomach laughter you know that without a doubt you will have the most rewarding, and unbelievably fun summer of your life!

But wait! There's more!

  1. Live on an 104 acre private island in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario!
  2. Most weekends off to recharge your batteries!
  3. 3 choices of start dates to accommodate your school schedules!

If you know you have found "Your People", please e-mail us at: or call April (Camp Director) at: 905-338-5200


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